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Bedroom Furniture by MTB Artisans: The Difference is in the Quality

Like many of you reading this, I was fortunate enough to have solid wood bedroom furniture as a child. My parents believed, as I learned to as well, that it was preferable to invest in higher quality, real wood bedroom furniture, as opposed to a set that could only handle a few years of wear and tear before finally falling apart. We weren’t wealthy by any means, but I believe this is precisely what made quality goods such an important choice. They preferred to spend their hard earned money on a beautiful, solid wood bedroom furniture set that I could use for many years, if not forever. And several decades later, it still looks fantastic!

There is truly no bedroom furniture so timeless in its appeal as real wood bedroom furniture. In addition to not having to worry over replacing it in just a few years, which can drain your wallet and take a toll on the environment, you also get to enjoy its quality construction and appearance every day. I apply this same philosophy not only to the custom made bedroom furniture I lovingly craft by hand, but to all areas of my life. I would much prefer to invest in quality, Made in America furniture, clothing, and more, than a mass produced item that will not only need replacing in a short time, but which doesn’t even look that great from the start. I am proud of all the solid wood bedroom furniture sets I’ve crafted over the years, and am confident they are serving their owners as well as the pieces I’ve made for myself are!

Whether you are considering light or dark wood bedroom furniture, MTB Artisans is at your service. We work primarily with quarter sawn oak, walnut, cherry and poplar wood, but have crafted custom made bedroom furniture for our customers in just about every wood you can imagine. We have a passion for our craft, and love bringing out the natural beauty in each piece of light and dark wood bedroom furniture we build. It is an honor to do what we love every day, and we’re looking forward to working with you in creating solid wood bedroom furniture you can enjoy for many years to come as well!