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Mission Style Furniture for Custom Style

The living room is your showplace where you demonstrate your decorating skills, taste and passion, but it is also your home where your personal comfort should outweigh other design considerations. Settling for just any living room ensemble limits your vision and creativity. If you like fine wood furniture where the grain and builder's artistry are the focal points, consider getting custom living room furniture crafted from skilled artisans instead of settling for cheap pressed wood, laminates and plasticized fittings and appointments. MTB Artisans offers stylish, affordable mission style living room furniture in only six to 10 weeks.

Mission style living room furniture, which is often considered synonymous with the craftsman style, comes from the Spanish mission movement that was inspired by California's earliest settlers. The mission style applies to architecture, furniture, room structure and interior design, and it first became a popular design style around 1900 during the Arts and Crafts period.

The primary characteristics of the style include clean lines, exposed beams, curved corners, and arched passageways that complement and extend a home's architectural style. Wood grains are featured prominently, but other materials include stone, tile and metal. Custom furniture and built-in cabinetry ensure that your decorating style matches the materials used in building your home to create a harmonious, organic design.

Create a unique room by customizing your furniture to match the space where it's used. Your guests usually see the living room first, so make a big statement by decorating your space with a signature piece or mission style living room furniture and appointments for the whole room. Choose from your favorite woods such as oak, walnut, maple, cherry and poplar, sturdy American woods that have been used for centuries for building sturdy mission style living room furniture.

The mission style provides a working framework for your own decorating ideas, favorite built-ins, appointments and accessories. Heavy and substantial, mission style living room furniture will last a lifetime and become treasured heirlooms for children and grandchildren.

Charm depends on simplicity and functionality, and the mission movement embraces harmony, nature, environmentalism and individuality. You'll need fewer flourishes and clutter when your room's furniture matches its architecture.

MTB Artisans produces custom mission style living room furniture without any toxic chemicals, cheap plastic or potentially hazardous materials, so your living room can become an oasis from the stress, bustle and transient nature of modern life's relationships. Establish a solid relationship with the planet's resources in your home by embracing simple craft, unadorned beauty and custom functionality.