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Special Needs Furniture by MTB Artisans

MTB Artisans is proud to offer custom special needs furniture that will serve your child well for many years to come. Like all the furniture we create, our special needs furniture is crafted from the finest woods for longevity and enduring beauty. We have worked with many families in designing autism furniture that is durable, safe, and soothing – furniture that addresses your needs and is also a beautiful addition to your home. This furniture will help your children to self-soothe now, and into their adult years. Whether you are looking to buy special needs bedroom furniture, dining furniture, or are even shopping for a school, we’re confident you’ll be more than satisfied with our custom autism furniture designs.

Eco-Friendly, Autism-Friendly Design is Key…

The MTB Artisans team is made up of a small group of people with a genuine appreciation for the materials we work with, and the furniture we create. We have had a passion for woodworking for many years, and feel a deep responsibility to the environment.  We were creating eco-friendly furniture before ‘eco-friendly’ was a widely-known term, crafting incredibly durable furniture with a non-toxic finish. The ‘throwaway furniture’ that is available at many big box stores might save money in the short run, but in the long run it needs regular replacing, and is fashioned from materials that aren’t safe for the environment or your family. We don’t believe in producing furniture that is destined to end up in a landfill. We prefer to dedicate our time and skill to pieces that will serve you and your family for many years, only increasing in their beauty over time.

The same standards and materials we use in all our furniture perfectly applies to special needs furniture – pieces that can withstand a great deal of wear-and-tear, are typically simplistic in their design, and have a protective coating that is safe for your family. Unlike particle board furniture, our solid wood furniture doesn’t off-gas. That ‘new furniture smell’ that is typical of mass marketed, laminate or particle board furniture is not healthy for your family. Many chemicals go into creating those cheap composite furniture pieces – chemicals that we don’t want to work with day after day, and chemicals that we don’t feel have any place in the home.

I have yet to meet a child who is easy on furniture. By their very nature, kids are a rambunctious bunch! Whether we are designing special needs bedroom furniture or traditional bedroom furniture, we consider the effect that everyday use will take, and are especially mindful when we are designing for children. Safety is of paramount importance in all we do, and because we are working with beautiful woods to include cherry, maple, poplar, and quarter sawn oak, the aesthetic appeal of the furniture happens naturally. It is our goal to create autism furniture that perfectly fuses function and attractiveness – pieces that will help your child to relax, focus, and live more comfortably while also providing the look you love. When it is properly designed, special needs furniture flawlessly blends in with the other furniture in your home, so your child will never feel that their furniture is ‘different’ from everyone else’s.